Client: A sixth-generation family investment office that recently created a separate asset-based investment platform for direct capital deployment into U.S. real estate.

Challenge: This family office engaged PalladianRC to expand its owner-operator partner relationships in targeted markets, thereby enabling the investment office to invest family capital in majority-LP positions. The investment team sought to expand its operator relationships to include owner-operators with a longer-term investment and operating preference.

Opportunity: PalladianRC assisted this unique multi-generational family office in differentiating its investment intentions, duration preferences (e.g., as compared to limited-life sources), and key governance criteria. Based on PalladianRC’s 20-year+ history with owner-operators in the key markets targeted by this Client, PalladianRC identified qualified, private and listed company relationships with common attributes to introduce to the Client. The goal was to establish and deploy capital in bespoke joint ventures for the development or acquisition of residential and commercial assets.

Solution / Execution: PalladianRC spent several months meeting with key Client executives and helped the family office synthesize their investment parameters and long-term investment goals. Establishing key criteria for prospective operating-partners was another engagement of PalladianRC. To assist the Client in further differentiating their investment preferences and timeline, PalladianRC shared relationship management recommendations and prospective operating-partner backgrounds. PalladianRC introduced the Client to 14 separate qualified private and publicly-traded owner-operators specializing in five different asset classes. Ultimately, the Client invested/partnered with two of these owner-operators in two Tier 1 East Coast cities, deploying ~$200mm+ in equity capital.

[This private office was a PalladianRC customer and relationship for 5 years; PalladianRC principals were an investor in two of the owner-operator partnerships created with this Investor Client]